Friday, February 7, 2014


It looks like I'll be moving back to Maryland in the middle of April. I'm serious about going back into the technology industry either doing information security again or going into programming. I'd like to find a permanent position because I'm married and have family responsibilities, but I'm so serious about programming that I'll also do consulting and contract work.

I've done extensive work in C++ using Direct X. If you check out my projects page, you can see videos of two of my latest 3D engines. Yes Genesis Seed and Auxnet use different 3D engines. I've also started learning Android programming. I won't become an expert, but I'm giving myself 3 weeks to learn the basics, and then I'll move on to the NDK and OpenGL ES. I'll going to use the NDK instead of Java because I want to use my current C++ code to make a multiplatform 2D game engine. It looks like my partners need more time to get things rolling with Auxnet so I'll use the downtime to richly increase my skills in other areas.

I've also decided to purchase the domain. I'll post my progress often to my blog there. You can follow me on Google+ or YouTube for updates.

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